Personal Loans

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Legends Bank offers a full line of loans for personal and household use. These include loans to purchase new and used cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, ATVs, boats, personal watercraft, furniture and other household items.

Best For

All consumer loans are offered at competitive rates.  The rate of interest charged will vary, depending on the general interest rate environment, the specific type of collateral offered, the term desired, and the loan to value ratio, among other things.

Response Time

We pride ourselves on our ability to respond to loan requests quickly, generally the same day as we receive the application. We are able to do this because our loan officers have the authority to make decisions on most consumer loan applications without going through a senior officer or a loan committee for approval. Once a loan is approved, we are generally able to close the loan at the customer's earliest convenience.


In order to make our loans as competitive as possible, we only charge for our actual out of pocket expenses, such as title fees and filing fees and certain documentation fees.